Check Home Depot Gift Card Balance

A Home Depot gift card is probably a gift card with the largest array of options, and here, you'll learn how to check the amount of money on your gift card or how to check Home Depot gift card balance. It's the perfect present for people who want give someone a meaningful gift, but don't know which one specifically. Or you could just be extremely lazy and order one online, without having to look like you're giving someone money. Nobody likes handing the cashier a gift card only to find out that it doesn't cover everything you wanted to buy. 

Things you will need:

  • A prepaid Home Depot gift card

  • A device with internet access: a laptop, a smartphone, or a desktop computer.

  1. Use your device to visit this website:

  2. If you would look on the left side of the screen, you'll see the words ''Check gift card balance'' written in bold letters. This will prompt you to type in the gift card number as well as its pin. The gift card number is located on the front of the gift card, and the pin is located on the back, either above or below the bar code.

  3. If you still cannot find the pin, there is a “Where do I find this?” option next to the pin slot. After you have typed in both numbers, you'll be asked to type in a captcha code for human verification.


And there you have it, now you can check your Home Deopot gift card balance at any time.

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