Chest Congestion Remedies

If you have a congestion and are having trouble expelling phlegm, you may have one or some of the best chest congestion remedies right in your kitchen. Chest congestion is the excess buildup of fluid and mucus in your lungs. Chest congestion will eventually go away on its own, but if you want to speed up its departure, check out the remedies below.

  1. Use a vaporizer when your chest is congested, it will help loosen mucus so that you can expel it. Whenever you have chest congestion, improve the humidity (raise it slightly) in your bedroom when you sleep at night, the vaporizer will add water to the air, which will loosen mucus. You can also add peppermint or eucalyptus oil to the vaporizer, they will act as expectorants
  2. There are certain ingredients that you may have in your kitchen that will help remedy your chest congestion. Extracted onion and garlic juices will generate heat in your body and cause phlegm to loosen up. Use a juicer to juice a large onion (you can also add a tablespoon of honey to the onion or garlic extracts) every day and drink the extract until your congestion clears. You can also eat the onion and garlic raw. Drinkink warm milk with turmeric powder will provide quick relief from chest congestion. Drink hot tea or ginger tea, both will help break up chest mucus fast, you should also add lemon and honey to your teas. Hot soups and broths are a great alternative if you do not like tea.
  3. Make your own expectorants to help loosen and expel chest congestion and make your cough more productive. Apply cayenne extract or garlic oil directly to your chest before going to sleep, to help loosen mucus so that your cough can expel it. Add three teaspoons to a bowl of boiling water, hang a towel over your head and inhale the vapors as deep as you can for five minutes, three times a day to loosen mucus. Add a little water to some vinegar and honey and drink it to loosen mucus. Add one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice to a glass of hot water and drink it to help your cough expel mucus.

If you try these home remedies for chest congestion for a few days without success, try an OTC alternative like Mucinex. Do not use cough suppressants when you have chest congestion, as your cough is what expels the mucus. 

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