Chest Exercises Without Weights for Men


You are running and exercising, why not start doing chest exercises without weights for men intent on chiseling their physique? It is tempting to put off the gym appointment, which pretty much leaves you honing your stamina during the daily run–but little else. Bulking up around the chest area without the benefit of weights is actually easy to incorporate into your daily workout or occasional hobby.


Handstand push-ups.


Of all the chest exercises without weights for men ready to push their workouts to the next level, these are hardcore. Do them against a tree or free form–if you have the balance. The goal here is to do as many handstand push-ups as possible once you are warmed up. After 10 to 20, run some more and repeat. You cannot help but bulk up the shoulders as well as the upper arms.


Countertop push-ups.


Another exercise that benefits the shoulders is the countertop push-up. Locate a counter that is of suitable height, stretch out your legs behind you and lean in. Work the chest muscles by finding a lower counter, which forces these muscles to work harder. Do this a number of times during the day, such as each time that you head for the fridge for a snack, and you will see some nice results quickly.




The monkey bars at the playground used to be great strength-building exercises. They still are. Parks and recreation departments now put in the adult versions of monkey bars, but you might just go ahead and buy a pull-up bar to put in the doorframe. Do chin-ups and hold them. While the exercise focuses on the arm muscles, by extension the chest muscles, too, bear a good deal of the body weight.


Rock climbing.


Even as bouldering primarily works the leg muscles, rock climbing works all muscle groups—including the chest. To hone in on chest exercises without weights for men on the go, focus on reaches and pulls. Let the feet and legs do the backup work. The stretches and subsequent pulls are key-ingredients to successful chest workouts.



army crawl.jpg

Get down on your belly and use the elbows to propel yourself across the terrain. Do it outside while playing paintball. You can even do it in the house while roughhousing with the dog or kids. The chest musculature gets a good workout while you rely on it to move your body weight forward.

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