Chest Piercing Care

If you’ve recently had your chest pierced, you’re going to need to learn about proper chest piercing care. Unless alternative piercing is new to you, you are aware that guys women and men both get pierced in just about any area. Painful, yes. But how painful depends upon the individual. Not having the pain last depends on how well you take care of your chest piercing. You want it to heal fast so there are no problems. This is what you do to keep your chest piercing in good shape. What you need for good chest piercing care:

  • Cotton swabs or cotton tips
  • Anti-bacterial soap
  • Non-iodized salt
  • Anti-bacterial lotion
  1. Salt water rinse. Twice a day take Q-tips soaked in a mixture of non-iodized salt water and warm water. Wipe around your chest piercing but not on or over it. The salt help to promote healing. Your piercer may have mentioned this.
  2. Use anti-bacterial soap. Take a Q-tip and wipe around the edges of your piercing with soap and water. Between step one and two, you wipe any potential puss and bacteria away. This also prevents any possible infection from forming.
  3. Anti-bacterial lotion. You can get this, but it doesn’t seem necessary. The two steps above are most likely going to be your best bet in helping with your chest piercing care. Some piercers now tell you not to turn your jewelry when you first get your piercing  done.

Your piercer will probably need you to come back in a week or so from the time you get your chest piercing done to make sure you are doing well caring for it. He or she will help you if you are having any problems taking care of it. It’s OK for your chest piercing to be red and tender for a few days, it’s normal. If the redness doesn’t go away tell your piercer. If you notice excessive puss, other signs of infection or pain tell your piercer right away. They can give your suggestions on what to do to help heal if your body is more resistant to accepting the chest piercing.

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