Chief Of Staff Job Description

Taking a closer look at the chief of staff job description introduces the American to the intersection of military service and government. It is within these confines that we will find the chief of staff job description for the Army, Naval Operations and also Air Force. Within the confines of the Marine Corps, this position is held by a commandant.

Generally speaking, a chief of staff job description places a seasoned military officer into an advisory capacity. The aforementioned officers make up the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The head of this group, also known as the chairman, functions as the contact for the president, secretary of defense, Homeland Security Council and other government entities that rely on the input of the armed forces.

Of course, there are also civilian positions that merit the chief of staff job description. For example, the White House Chief of Staff is the president’s senior aide, schedule keeper, appointment setter and also doorkeeper. Because of his close working relationship with the president, the chief of staff job description gives this professional a lot of power and even input into current affairs. This has led to misgivings over whoever might be placed into this office.

Within corporate America, a chief of staff job description might apply to a chief executive officer or other high-level exec. Nevertheless, due to the use of exclusively corporate job titles, it is unlikely to find ‘chief of staff’ among them. Even so, the similarities between the gatekeeper to the company president and the White House Chief of Staff are obvious. Both positions require an intricate understanding of the business entities involved and an unwavering ability to perform the job duties in spite of mounting pressures.

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