China Brush Side Effects

China Brush is a blend of Chinese herbs that helps men avoid premature ejaculation, but China Brush side effects can be hurtful if not used properly. Although China Brush is a natural remedy and claims to have no side effects, side effects will occur if directions are not followed. The instructions for its use are specific and must be followed to prevent these side effects.

  1. Use as directed for a prolonged erection time. China Brush (Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution) is a natural plant and herbal formula that has been used for many years in Asia. Ingredients include cinnamon, Korean ginseng, gallstone, aloe vera, cloves and water with Korean ginseng being the main ingredient. The combination of these herbs helps prolong erection time, which can prolong a man’s sexual activity. If used properly, it should cause no side effects.
  2. Apply sparingly to avoid lasting pain. China Brush is made to be used externally only. China Brush gets its name from the little cotton brush which is used to apply the formula. The key is to apply it “lightly” to the head and top of the penis. Applying too much may cause a painful side effect that may last for hours; washing it off will not help.
  3. Do not use immediately before sex to avoid tingling sensations. Be sure to use China Brush at least one hour or more before sexual intercourse. The product recommends using China Brush from thirty minutes to two hours before sexual activity, but a safer time is to wait at least one hour. Having sex too soon can cause a strange tingling sensation while having sex.
  4. To prevent immense discomfort, use only one application per night. There is no need to reapply it again, as one application will last the whole evening. The side effect of a second application is great discomfort and zero enjoyment.
  5. Follow exact directions to prevent painful side effects. This product can work very effectively in preventing premature ejaculation. Remember: Using too much, having sex too soon after application and applying it a second time in the same evening can all cause painful and uncomfortable side effects. Remember, less is better! Enjoy!
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