Chinese New Year Activities In Charlotte Nc

Chinese New Year activities in Charlotte North Carolina translate for a wonderful experience of the Chinese culture in the south. Chinese New Year activities in Charlotte, North Carolina brings a New Year’s treat for everyone and the celebrations are largely child friendly. Gung hay fat choy and prosperity to everyone!

  1. Stroll down Central Avenue accompanied by the staccatos of the pop-pop-pop of the live firecrackers tossed by the Chinese restaurant merchants. Traditional Chinese dragons weave a dance along with the designated animal for that calendar year. Chinese New Year activities in Charlotte North Carolina come alive with percussionists, and martial artists, including demonstrations by youngsters, and seasoned artists alike.
  2. Visit Charlotte's museums and libraries for annual ideas to celebrate Chinese New Year with different artists and programs every year.
  3. Don’t forget Dim Sum Chinese Restaurant on Central Avenue as a popular celebratory hot spot with their dueling dragon dancers and their traditional Lucky dishes on the menu to bring fortune.
  4. Peaceful Dragon, Charlotte’s premier martial arts center offers throughout the year, Zen Meditation, tai chi, kung fu and more. During Chinese New Year, expect the spectacular, beginning with a ceremonial Lion Dance to bring good luck. Past Chinese New Year’s activities at The Peaceful Dragon included The Little Lotus Troupe performing A Children’s Chinese New Year’s Dance. With face painting and crafts for the kiddies,there is fun for everyone. Peaceful Dragon’s grand finale, the yearly Chinese New Year’s Banquet dinner, complete with awards ceremonies, dining and dancing with a local DJ, makes it one of  the most exciting of the list of Chinese New Year activities in Charlotte North Carolina.



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