Chinese New Year Traditional Decorations

In recent years, many people have begun to hold Chinese New Year celebrations and prefer to do so with Chinese New Year traditional decorations.  The ancient celebration of Chinese New Year is intended to bring good luck, wealth, and happiness to the Chinese people.  The following guide will help you create traditional Chinese New Year decorations.

  1. An important traditional decoration during Chinese New Year is a blooming flower.  Healthy flowers symbolize rebirth and the coming of a new year.  Popular plants and flowers to display during Chinese New Year are bamboo, plum blossoms, water lilies, peonies, and evergreen sprigs.
  2. Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated with red and gold decorations.  Red symbolizes happiness and gold symbolizes wealth.  Decorating the home with red and gold is considered lucky and will bring in a new year full of wealth and happiness.
  3. Spring couplets are special scrolls with good wishes for the new year.  The scrolls are in three pieces and are placed vertically on either side of the door and horizontally across the top of the door.  Messages of good wishes are written on the scrolls, such as wishes for happiness, health, wealth, prosperity, a long life, and good fortune.
  4. Chinese New Year children are also a common traditional decoration.  These children are usually a boy and a girl facing each other and wearing traditional Chinese clothing.  The children each hold a good luck sign.
  5. Another important decoration for Chinese New Year is the red paper lantern.  These lanterns are considered good luck and can be made from red paper and hung around the house.


Celebration of the Chinese New Year

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