Chinese Street Food

Chinese Street Food is one of the most varied kinds of street food in the world. Each region has different kinds of food, or the same food prepared in different ways. There are many street food vendors in China, on a busy day you might find them lining the street making the town smell like a menagerie of different delicious – or just plain odd foods.

Some of the most popular Chinese street food includes grains. Namely, rice. Different kinds of rice made into all sorts of different flavors and shapes. Rice balls, noodles, or simply mixed into a meat or vegetable dish. Along with rice, kebabs are another very abundant form of street food. There could be vegetarian kebabs, or the common Chuanr – a lamb kebab seasoned with cumin and red pepper flakes.

Among the more unusual choices available are insects. This is a surprisingly common street food option, especially in certain parts of Beijing. Many Chinese dishes have been brought over to the states, but there are still many that you probably haven’t heard of. Perhaps something such as pork belly wrapped in a leaf, or a steamed cake.

Along with the meats, vegetables, and grains there are also many sweet treats available. Some might sound familiar, such as pancakes, but there’s still an added twist to make it uniquely Chinese. Pancakes in China are often filled with different foods of your choosing. Potatoes, meats, or different fruits can be used as fillings. Another sweet option is a fruit skewer or Tang Hu Lu. These are usually a crab-apple like fruit coated in hardened candy syrup.

Chinese street food is one of the most abundant in the world. Ranging from the familiar to the unusual, salty or sweet. When shopping for street food in China make sure to try a little bit of everything, you never know what you might find tasty!

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