Chocolate Cake Shot

The chocolate cake shot is popular because the name makes people drool for dessert. The odd thing about the chocolate cake shot is that it contains no chocolate or cake, yet it actually tastes like chocolate cake! Well, not exactly as it obvious lacks texture, but it's pretty damn close. Perhaps it is the power of suggestion at work or the booze consumed beforehand, but people believe in the power of the chocolate cake shot. One thing about it though, the first one is magical. Without a doubt. But after more than, say, two or three chocolate cake shots, the illusion is dispelled, so go easy on it.

To make a chocolate cake shot you will need:

  • Vanilla-flavored vodka
  • Frangelico hazelnut-flavored liqueur
  • Lemon wedge
  • Sugar
  • Cocktail shooter glass
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Ice
  1. Preparing for cake. To make a chocolate cake shot, you must first do a little prep work. Spread some sugar out on a napkin or plate. Take your cocktail shooter glass and lightly rub the rim of the glass with the lemon wedge. Now dip and grind the rim of the cocktail glass in the sugar to coat it.
  2. Shake. A chocolate cake shot is best enjoyed chilled, so fill your cocktail shaker with ice. The next step depends on you and how big of a chocolate cake shot you desire. Pour equal amounts of vanilla-flavored vodka and Frangelico hazelnut-flavored liqueur in the cocktail shaker, shake it briefly and strain into the cocktail shooter glass.
  3. The steps involved. The proper way to enjoy a chocolate cake shot is to first lick the sugar from the cocktail shooter glass (Warning: Females can do this in front of a crowd no problem, but exuberant, tongue-lapping males will weird people out), shoot the booze and bite the lemon. Do this in rapid succession and marvel at the ingenious nature of your species.  
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