Choose A Motor Hang Glider

For most of us, there is a longing to fly like a bird; choose a motor hang glider, and you never have to be earthbound again! Nearly everyone is fascinated with the thought of soaring above the earth, but most give excuses and avoid trying it. However, you do not have to be fabulously wealthy, or even staggeringly fit to join in the wondrous adventure-filled world of motor hang gliding. All you need first is to have background knowledge of flight theory, airlaws and meteorology, as well as an expert to help you choose a motor hang glider that best suits your needs.

  1. Get mentally ready. Choosing a motor hang glider is only the first step on your way to ultimate freedom. Proper training and dedicated preparation are key components as you make your way towards your goal of becoming a motor hang glider pilot. Normally, it takes between four to eight flight days to learn how to handle a motor hang glider. If you are already contemplating purchasing your first motor hang glider, we will assume you have learned the necessary techniques and proper training, such as mastering take-offs, landings and turns.
  2. Understand the equipment. If you have long desired to choose a motor hang glider, you are one of the gifted few who understand the simplicity and ease of construction of the motor hang glider’s wing. Its landing characteristics and gentle, slow-flight beauty have not gone unnoticed, yet by aviation standards, motor hang gliding equipment is minimal. Your principle items are, of course, the glider (aka the wing), the harness, along with communication and safety gear.
  3. Learn the types of motor-powered hang gliders. Your present skills, time availability and budget will determine what to get when you choose a motor hang glider, but basically, there are two kinds of gliders. Those that land and take off on wheels are called a microlight, while the other is foot-launched. Both have a 2-stroke, small engine. They both possess the unique ability to ascend from a flat, small field, climb away and allow you to find lifting thermals to travel merrily away on a cross-country flight. Their engines are detachable so that you may fly without power. Their flexibility and ability to send you on an unhurried, leisurely trip are only part of the attraction.

If you feel you are one of these people who enjoy the feeling of mind-blowing, unfettered freedom and peace, and are keen on uncovering new horizons-choose a motor hang glider for yourself. You’ll be placing yourself exactly where you need to be: the right state of mind.

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