Choose The Right Bowling Shoes

Looking for information on how to choose the right bowling shoes? If you are just a casual bowler, you should be fine with renting a pair of shoes from the alley. However, if you are someone that bowls on a regular basis, investing in your own pair of bowling shoes is a good idea. You can get a cheap pair of bowling shoes for around $20, but there are some types that can cost as much as a couple of hundred of dollars.

To choose the right bowling shoes, you will need:

  • To know your shoe size
  • Money to pay for the shoes
  1. Bowling Shoe Styles. Many people do not realize that there are different types of bowling shoes. You have left-handed bowling shoes and right-handed bowling shoes. When you purchase bowling shoes, one will be a sliding shoe and one will be a braking shoe. If you are right-handed, the shoe that goes on your right foot will be the brake shoe and vice versa for those that are left-handed. When you are choosing the right bowling shoes, make sure you pay attention to the style.
  2. Sliding. When you are picking bowling shoes, you need to ask yourself how much you want to slide. If you only want a little bit of slide when you release your bowling ball, pick a pair of shoes that has a flat bottom. If you want a bit of slide, a bowling shoe with a raised heel is right for you. Now, if you are a pretty good bowler and want to control how much you slide after your release, you will want to select a pair of bowling shoes that features interchangeable soles or heels.
  3. Performance or Athletic? The last question that you need to ask yourself when you are selecting the right bowling shoes is do you want performance or athletic shoes? If you are just a casual bowler and want a comfortable pair of bowling shoes, go with an athletic style. If you are someone that bowls at least once a week, you may want to choose performance bowling shoes.

Of course, bowling shoes come in a wide variety of colors. If you are looking to make a fashion statement with your bowling shoes, you may want to check out ones that come in a retro style.

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