Chris Brown Music Videos

Chris Brown music videos are really just showcases for the performer's dancing. Many times, he's seen chasing after schoolgirls. Is this to fulfill every schoolgirl's fantasy? No matter what, he's always fun to watch. He almost never stops moving.

  1. "Gimme That" This is very old school, like a 1940's movie. It has great old clothes and lots of fine dancing. Oh, and Lil Wayne, too.
  2. "Run It!" This video features a kind of dance-off at the high school gym. Chris Brown looks great in his specialized Dodgers cap. It's a song about moving, so there's plenty of motion in it.
  3. "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" This one takes Brown out of the gym, and onto the schoolyard. He's after a girl, of course. But isn't that always the case?
  4. "Forever" In this video, Brown is chasing a girl again. This time, however, it's at night. He's out to double pleasure and double fun.
  5. "Look At Me Now" Busta Rhymes really shows Brown up during this music video. It's sort of a road warrior-like scene, with a robot. Busta Rhyme rap is so amazing! Maybe Brown should have left him off the track.
  6. "Freeze" With T-Pain and Chris Brown dancing and singing on an ever-moving set, this video is dizzying. It's like being on an amusement park ride. Don't eat before watching it.
  7. "Kiss Kiss" Chris is at school chasing a girl. Wow, he must have never gotten any schoolwork done! Or maybe these are just his schoolboy fantasies.
  8. "Deuces" This is a different video for Chris Brown. It's in black & white. It also isn't highlighted by dancing. It's just Brown standing around looking sad.
  9. "Yeah 3x" Chris puts on an impromptu show for some street kids. Everybody loves it. But do their parents know who is entertaining them?
  10. "Beautiful People" This is a strange Chris Brown music video. Part of it is in-studio, making of the song stuff. Part of it is guys riding scooters at night.
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