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Every true Chris Brown fan has probably already seen the best Chris Brown Videos of all time. Chris Brown first made himself known with the hit single "Run It!" in 2005, and he's been on the charts ever since.

  1. "Forever "This video is centered around, primarly, Chris dancing around a club. The video correlates with the song by showing him serenading a girl in the club by singing in her face, and dancing for her. He also appears to be in some virtual world, surrounded by nothing but light. The visual effects in this video are very well done. It doesn't look too animated, and the effects flow smoothly around the scenary without overpowering the real backdrops. It seems as if in every music video Chris Brown is in, he has a group of backup dancers behind him doing the same dance he is. Well, this video is no exception. In almost every scene there is a group dance section, and Chris dances his ass off.
  2. "Yeah 3x" This one is really fun and quirky. It starts with Chris doing a flip on top of a random truck in the middle of the street. A little kid screams, "Look! It's Chris Brown!" and a bunch of kids run after him. Dancing ensues. This video doesn't really go well with the song, in the sense that the song is about loving a girl, and drinking. Again, there is a large group of people who are seemingly attracted to the backside of Chris Brown, and love to dance behind him. Chris seems extremely gitty in this one, which is a significant change from the normal love-song, bad-boy look of his other music videos.
  3. "With You" This video is mostly just Chris singing and dancing. He walks down a street, sings some, gets on a bus, sings some more, then gets off the bus. There isn't much of a storyline to it, but it's still a good video. It's not shown why, but his shirt changes color throughout the video. Maybe it's to symbolize his change of emotion toward this girl he apparently wants to be with so badly.
  4. "Wall To Wall" The video for this song follows a fairly different storyline than the song. The song itself describes how ladies are always trying to get Chris to the back of the club, to "get bad". With vampires, dancing, and mini-Chris Browns, this music video is awesome. It starts with Chris getting bit by a super hot vampire in his car, and him hearing her voice telling him to come to her. He does, and she ends up being in a vampire dance club. Everybody dances, and Chris flies in the air some. That's pretty much all there is to that one. Just a really well done video in general.
  5. "I Can Transform Ya" In this Chris Brown video, there are a lot of CGI effects, and lots of animation. The theme to the song and video is transformation (go figure), and shows a lot of animated objects morphing. Overall, it's just a really cool video. Lil Wayne is in this one, and for some reason he's holding a guitar. We all know there is not a guitar part in this song, but we'll let Wheezy have this one. Guitars, CGI, and Chris Brown dancing (once again) are almost all the features this video has in store.
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