Chris Kelly Bio: Kris Kross

Chris Kelly is best known for being one half of the teen rap sensation Kris Kross. The group consisted of Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris 'Daddy Mac" Smith, whom were both from Atlanta. The thirteen year olds were very popular is the early 1990's and were discovered by nineteen year old music producer Jermaine Dupri, in an Atlanta mall. Kris Kross was like no other group and stood out for being unique. One popular trend that they started was wearing their clothing backwards as they wore their jeans and their tops backwards as a fashion statement. The group was also known for their hit singe "Jump," which became the fastest selling single in fifteen years. The group also stood out by wearing twists in their hair with colorful rubber bands.

Around 1992 Chris Kelly and his band mate started to hit puberty, which changed their voice. They were trying to grow as young men and with their music, but it was a struggle. Chris Kelly and his band mate eventually took a break from their rap career, in order to find ways to incorporate their image with their new age. After a few years, the Chris Kelly and partner came back with a new album, "Young, Rich and Dangerous." This album did not do as well as their previous hits and Chris Kelly took an indefinite break to later focus on his own artists. There were rumors later that Chris Kelly died, but they turned out to be just rumors. Chris Kelly does have an illness called Alopecia, which causes his hair to fall out, besides that he is doing great. He has gone back to school for engineering.

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