Chris Smith Bio: Kris Kross

Chris Smith is one half of the popular 1990's group Kris Kross. The group was established in early 1990's when music producer Jermaine Dupri discovered the duo in an Atlanta Mall. Chris "Daddy Mac"  Smith and his partner Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly was famous for the notorious hit rap song "Jump." They were the only thirteen year old rap group at the time and stood out with their clothing.  Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith and Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly, took the world by storm by wearing their clothing backwards. They turned their jeans around so that the zipper and buttons were facing the back and did the same with their shirts. Many people thought they were crazy until other teens started to follow the same trend, mimicking the rap group.

In 1992 the group started going through natural changes, which affected their voices and the style that they had. They were growing into men and had to figure out how to maintain their image. Chris Smith and his partner decided to take a brief break and later returned in 2007 with a new album titles "Young, Rich and Dangerous." The world was not ready for the adult group which caused them to take an indefinite break.

Chris Smith is now focusing on his Neo Soul career and is no longer rapping. His music is said to be a mixture of Neo soul and Hip Hop. Chris Smith put out a song titled "Lady", which spoke about strong, female legends. He seems to be keeping a low profile and is enjoying his life which is great. Many former child stars are not doing too well and have been in the news repeatedly. Luckily Chris Smith is not one of those people.

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