Christian Abstinence Guide

Are you looking for a Christian abstinence guide to help you figure out what your girlfriend is talking about when she says she wants to wait? Your girlfriend might be using Christian abstinence as a reason to abstain from sex until marriage. If this is the case, not only is she trying to steer clear of an STD, she also doesn't want unmarried physical relations on her conscience. Here are some ways to figure out what exactly is on her mind when she says "no."

  1. Christian abstinence prevents children out of wedlock. Let's face it; your girlfriend doesn't trust her birth control pills enough to rely on them to prevent a birth. And she doesn't know that you won't dump her the minute she tells you she's pregnant. Waiting until marriage almost guarantees that you will help her take care of a child in the event of a pregnancy.
  2. Christian abstinence says it's better to wait, not so much for the sex itself, but for the emotions that go along with it. When two people have physical relations together, but they're not married, they will develop certain feelings that one or that other never intended. Then, when you break up, you start all over with someone else. This is damaging to your spirit and often leads to heartbreak.
  3. Sex after marriage cuts down on sexually transmitted diseases. What's to say you haven't slept around already? The more you do that, even if you do it protected, the higher the likelihood of catching and transmitting some nasty red rashes.
  4. Abstaining from sex helps her feel less like a sleaze. You probably don't feel like that the next morning, but chances are, she will. And she might even feel used. Nobody wants to feel used, and if you wait until you're married, that used feeling goes away.
  5. It helps her save face. If she truly is a Christian, she doesn't want news of her newly lost virginity getting out to her other Christian friends or her parents. Not only would her break of Christian abstinence be embarrassing, her parents might disown her, refuse to pay for a wedding or incur some other disaster on her life. Worse yet, if she got pregnant, that says very bad things about her faith.
  6. If you really want her that badly, you'll have to wait. Christian abstinence is all about waiting. That's not what any guy wants to hear, but it's the truth. Otherwise, if you don't wait, she'll know right away that you don't really love her.
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