Christian Bale Workout For ‘American Psycho’

The Christian Bale workout for "American Psycho" is a prime example of Bale's dedication to realism in his craft. One of the premiere actors working today, Christian Bale is almost as well-known for his willingness to reshape his body for a part as for his acting ability.

Christian Bale's more extreme efforts at remolding his body can be seen in "The Machinist" and "Rescue Dawn," in which he let his body waste down to near-skeletal proportions to portray an insomniac and a POW, respectively. In "American Psycho," however, as well as in the more recent "Batman" movies, Bale's physique is ripped and toned, putting the Christian Bale workout in demand.

Although Christian Bale's workout involved a high level commitment, as well as the aid of a personal trainer, there are several elements you can incorporate into your own workout routine that help you tone up and develop those coveted six-pack abs. Among these are:

  • Interval training
  • Weight training
  • Aerobics
  1. Interval training. This approach to exercise is one of the most efficient ways to blast fat and lose weight. Alternate short bursts of intense exercise with segments of less strenuous exercise. For example, alternate five-minute sprints with five minutes of fast walking. Increase the length of the more intense exercise as you get used to the routine.
  2. Weight training. Alternate upper body and lower body work to keep the muscle build-up even. The Christian Bale workout for "American Psycho" included chin-ups, cable rows and a power clean routine, as well as bench pressing. Olympic lifts and other standard power lifting techniques, as well as lower body work, help round out a comprehensive weight training routine.
  3. Aerobics. Aerobic exercise helps burn fat so all your hard work building underlying muscle mass will show. Some of the best aerobic exercise is swimming. Bale's workout included at least a day of swimming laps, as well as a day focusing on sprints.

In addition to a consistent workout routine, dietary changes will be necessary for the best results. Building a six-pack won't make any difference if you don't burn enough calories to trim down the abdominal fat. Bale's workout was accompanied with dietary changes including lean protein, such as whey protein to ensure proper building of muscle mass, high fiber foods like oatmeal, and vegetables.

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