Christian Bands Like 311

If you like bands like 311 but would prefer one with more Christian influences and lyrics, then you should hear these Christian bands that are like 311. They all have very similar style songs in that they are laid out similarly, and more importantly, follow their sound of rap and hard rock and their little bit of reggae.

  1. Pax217. This is one of the more obscure religious and secular bands for the simple fact that they may not have the rap sound like 311, but they definitely have the reggae/rock aspect down pat. Some songs you will want to check out include "Prizm" and "No Place like Home."
  2. Switchfoot. More the rock sound of 311, Switchfoot can get pretty heavy with their stuff. Although they do incorporate reggae and rap, their heavy sections sound almost identical to 311.
  3. Skillet. Another Christian influenced band that mimics the style of 311's heavy rock. They do have some rap sounds in some of their obscure songs, but they give that give you that gritty heavy metal feel like 311, only with the Christian influences.
  4. Christafari. This is the Christian band you want to go if you have one of the more obscure desires for some Christian Reggae. Obviously, they mimic more the reggae sound of 311 for the most part, and they even have a little of the Bob Marley feel to them! Give them a listen if you are more focused on 311's reggae sections!
  5. The Ambassador. A great Christian rap band, they have not only the new age feel of rap, but even the old style soul feel. Check out songs like "I Love You Jesus" and "Hold Your Ground."
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