Christian Blale Workout For ‘Batman Begins’

Christian Bale's workout for "Batman Begins" was a true feat. He had gone from being a toothpick in the Machinist to the state you see him in during "Batman Begins." He had to do this over the span of several months. According to his interview in, "he just made it in time for the movie," while after his screen test, "he could not do one pushup." He weighed in the area of 120 pounds for "The Machinist," the film he was working on just prior to "Batman Begins." In an interview posted on by John Hutchins, Bale stated his weight for "Batman Begins" was 195 pounds. In all, he gained "100 pounds in about five months or something like that," which he added is, "NOT advisable." 


  1. The first step in Christian Bale's workout for "Batman Begins" is weight gain. The amount of weight that Bale had to gain for Batman Begins may not be necessary for the average person. This is because he had previously lost so much. The primary reason for his high weight gain was to first impress the executives that would be hiring him at his screen test. The second reason was to build up reserves for his training. By reserves, he meant primarily carbohydrates. Intense training will use up a lot of carbohydrates. Christian Bale's workout for "Batman Begins" was first a process of huge weight gain. In his interview with; he ate a lot of breads and pastas.
  2. The second step is to lift heavy. Bale stated that an ex-marine trained him. Lifting heavy in workouts is intense on muscles, and will cause them to grow faster than other methods of training. Lifting heavy tears the muscle fibers more than aerobics, and tearing the muscles allows the muscles to grow larger. Christian Bale favored heavy weight training, with an intensive schedule. In an article by Mike Westerdale at, Christian Bale says lifted five days a week, and did cardio training seven days a week. "His routines favored volume over heavy weights in order to burn more calories."
  3. The third step is to trim down. Lifting heavy will not necessarily trim you down once you are gaining weight. Eating is necessary to help muscle growth, however lifting heavy weights is not aerobic in nature, and therefore you will need to take up activities such as walking, running, or swimming to help cut down on the extra fat that will accumulate.

Reference: – World of Batman – An Interview with Christian Bale

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