Christian New Years Eve Party Ideas

Christian New Year's Eve party ideas can help you host an event that is just as fun as others. It isn't about giving up fun or not having a good time. When holding a Christian party, the central focus is just a little different.

  1. Start the year with a prayer for everyone attending. There are several different ways to organize this. The group can all pray together with people taking turns, or you can divide up into smaller groups to pray for each other. Also, if these options seem uncomfortable for your or your guests, let everyone take a little time to say a silent prayer to start your Christian New Year's Eve party out right.
  2. Keep Christian music playing in the background. There are so many religious bands that sound just like the current mainstream bands. Your guests may not even realize they are listening to uplifting and positive songs.
  3. Consider using the party as a way to meet new people. Are there people at church that you see all the time, but never speak to? How about some one in your Sunday School class? Because of the casual setting, it is much easier to get to know new people in this type of setting. Invite other people you already know that also want to meet new people.
  4. Hold the party at the church. This makes sure that all of the work doesn't fall on your shoulders and you don't have to worry about space or room if a lot of people show up. Be sure to get permission from the pastoral staff and think about asking some of the church groups to help you set everything up. Most churches will have all of the tables and chairs that you will need to host a great Christian New Year's Eve party.
  5. Find a special speaker to come and talk about starting out a new year and what types of goal you want to make as individuals or as a congregation. You can find someone out of town that travels around speaking, or someone in church that you know has a great message to present. It doesn't have to be a full sermon; just something to provide a little inspiration.
  6. Christian bands are great for turning your party into a concert. You can search for a big name group to come in, or just find a group around town. Many times, a church's youth band or music leaders can make for the perfect music group. Use the concert as the main part of the Christian New Year's Eve party, or just to get it started.
  7. Make it a game night. While any type of board games will work, there are some specifically Bible games that will keep guests attention. Bible Trivia is a classic. You can separate into teams or play as individuals. While you play, everyone is learning something new. Even games like Tri-Bond have a Christian version that can be played at the party.
  8. Think about the guests before offering alcoholic beverages. This is a bit of a sticky issue in some Christian circles. It will probably not be appropriate to have alcohol if that party is held on the church property. However, if you are having the party in your home, and you know that it isn't a big deal to your guests, go ahead and provide drinks at your Christian New Year's Eve party.
  9. Make New Year's resolutions as individuals or as a group. Because the guests are usually like-minded in a lot of different ways, it might be easy to talk about goals and find someone that can hold the other accountable. This doesn't have to be something that you stop the party for, but in conversation, you can get a feel for where people are and where they want to be.
  10. Keep it like a normal party. It can be tough to find the balance between a Christian party that everyone enjoys and one that is too strict and structured for anyone to enjoy. Be sure to keep things moving and encourage everyone to have a good time. Just because you are a Christian, doesn't mean that you can throw a great party. Christian New Year's Eve parties can be just as fun!
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