Christian Sex Guide

This Christian sex guide will not only teach you how to have great sex, but also how to connect more completely with your partner. By following it, you can achieve a great, lasting relationship with the partner of your dreams.

  1. Start by choosing the right person with which to engage in sex for great Christian sex. This will help to strengthen the relationship with the person you are having sex with, thus encouraging a more Christian sex life. Simply having sex for the sake of having sex may seem great initially, but will ultimately leave you feeling unfulfilled. Find someone who has the same goals and interests as you. Get to know the person before choosing to engage in sexual relations.
  2. Wait until you are married to have sex. This belief is a cornerstone of the Christian faith. Waiting until you are married to have sex will make the first experience that much more enjoyable.
  3. Follow Christian guidelines when it comes to using birth control. Typically, Christians follow a birth control known as "natural family planning." This technique relies on measuring your temperature and understanding how it relates to the woman's monthly cycle in an attempt to prevent pregnancies.
  4. Get to know what the person likes in bed. For Christian sex that is satisfying for the both of you, it is important to meet the needs of your partner as well as your own needs. This helps to show your Christian attitude by giving to others, not just yourself. Once you actually take the step to engage in sex with your partner, be sure to pay close attention to their responses. This should include not only their responses to the actual act of sex, but also to your kisses, touches, and caresses. Do they pull away from you, or appear to want more? If your partner appears to be enjoying what you are doing (either with kisses or sex itself), continue what you are doing. If not, find another way to please your partner.
  5. Ask questions for good Christian sex. The best Christian relationships are open and honest. Often, people are afraid to ask their partner what they want in the bedroom. However, this is essential for achieving great Christian sex. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask your partner if there is a certain way that they like to be kissed, or have a favorite sexual position. In fact, your partner will most likely thank you for taking their interests into consideration.
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