Christmas Drinking Games: 5 Best

Christmas drinking games are plenty of fun for friends and families who like to loosen up in the spirit of the holidays. Good Christmas drinking games can make the season explode with laughter and make presents even more fun to open. Loosen some tongues and brighten the lights on your Christmas tree with these five fun Christmas drinking games.

  1. Ho Ho Ho. Only the leader of this game knows the rules at first. Whenever someone says, "Ho ho ho," he must take a sip of the beverage of the night.
  2. Singing a Song Game. Whenever someone is caught humming or singing a Christmas song, it's their turn to take a shot of something spicy that goes down warm and makes them sing more.
  3. Secret Santa. This game is played during Secret Santa activities. If the recipient of the present doesn't guess what's in the present correctly he takes a shot.
  4. What's in that Eggnog? The leader of the game makes an eggnog drink for all the participants, putting a different kind of liquor into each glass. If the recipient guesses what kind of liquor is in the eggnog, the leader has to take a shot of the liquor that was put into that particular mix.
  5. "A Christmas Story" Drinking Game. All participants watch the movie "A Christmas Story" together. Every time the phrase, "You'll shoot your eye out," comes up, everyone takes a shot. Whenever Ralphie's father goes on an unintelligible cursing rampage, everyone takes a sip of a mixed drink. Whenever Ralphie has a daydream, everyone takes a shot. Needless to say, by the time the movie is over, everyone in your family will be drunk and/or passed out.



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