Christmas Games For Adults

Christmas games for adults can be fun as well as risqué. Christmas games for adults will depend on the audience and how far they want to take it. Check out these five Christmas games and see if they will fit into your next Christmas party.

  1. Mistletoe Roulette: This Christmas game involves a Mistletoe and as many players as you like. The players need to be respectful and follow the rules as defined. This Christmas game is simple and involves one person to be under the mistletoe and blindfolded. The object is to have male or female give the person under the mistletoe a kiss. They must guess who the person is, if they are wrong the next player steps up and so on. Prizes should be laid out based on the least number of kisses and for the most before they guess right.
  2. Christmas Ornament Count: A simple game that involves a large bowl and ornaments of different sized. The guests have one guess as to how many ornaments are in the bowl. Once the guessing is done the closest wins a gift, the other participants must down eggnog shots or any other alcoholic beverage of the season that you enjoy.
  3. Hide the Santa: This game requires players to be open sexually to one another or the game can be played in a more modest way. Basically, when each guest arrives they are given a small baggy to place anywhere on their person. Then each male selects a number from a bowl and each female does the same. The matching numbers must explore the other to locate the baggy. Whichever baggy has the Santa in it is the winner. The baggy can be hidden absolutely anyplace on the body but install rules for a less than sexual group.
  4. Drunken Christmas Tree: Here we have a simple count of festive color plastic cups with beer, booze or whatever you would like. The idea is to place the cups (around 10 is a good number) at either end of the table. Start the game with a simple go and the idea is for each player to empty their cups and build a Christmas tree with the empties. First one done is the Christmas party winner.
  5. Christmas Scavenger Hunt: Set up a festive list of common and not so common items. Send your teams or couples on a wild chase to find everything on your list. For added fun toss in some shots at the local pub between searches. In this case be sure to leave the driving out of the picture. This can be a great way to open up a rousing Christmas party.
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