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If you want to personalize your Chrome browser, you should learn about Chrome themes. You can decorate your google Chrome browser with one of infinitely many Chrome themes. Whether you want to dress your browser up with a theme from one of your favorite hobbies, celebrities, or designers, the Google Chrome Themes Gallery most likely has a theme that will suit your preferences. If not, you can create your own Google Chrome theme from your drawings or personal photos. You can also choose to keep one Chrome theme indefinitely or automatically rotate your Chrome browser's theme. Here are some of the best Chrome themes to get you started.

  1. Google themes. Google has a variety of themes for your Chrome browser. The Google themes are various shapes and colors without any specific designer. The Google themes listed in the Google Chrome gallery are generally understated and professional looking. Some of the Google themes listed in the Google Chrome Gallery include Earthy, Grass, Legal pad, Classic, and Floral Blue. The Google themes in the Chrome gallery require that you have Google Chrome 3.0. If you do not have Google Chrome 3.0, you can download it at the gallery site.
  2. Karim Rashid. Karim Rashid is a designer of  furniture, webmedia and art. You can dress your Chrome browser up with one of Rashid's designs. Karim Rashid has thousands of modern art pieces in art galleries and some of his designs are listed under the "Artist" tab in the Chrome gallery. Karim Rashid is one of the best Chrome themes for your browser.

  3. Peter Bjorn and John. If you like indie rock, you might like dressing up your Chrome browser with an artist or group, like Peter Bjorn and John. Peter Bjorn and John is the best Chrome theme for you if you want an eye catching browser and you don't get distracted by many contrasting colors. The Peter Bjorn and John theme features a discreate picture in the lower right quadrant and cursive writing in the back drop.

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