Chyna Doll Sex Tape

The Chyna Doll sex tape involved a woman named Joanie Laurer, a former wrestler for the WWE who’s wrestling name was Chyna or Chyna Doll.  Unlike many other celebrity sex tapes, this one was created intentionally and marketed through the same company that sold the Paris Hilton sex tape. The tape was marketed as “1 Night in Chyna”, which is similar to the marketing name for the Paris Hilton tape “One Night in Paris”.

The Chyna Doll sex tape has her and her performing just about every conceivable sexual act with her ex boyfriend Sean Waltman, who has also been a wrestler for the WWE. The thing that got most people talking about the sex tape wasn’t the sex, but Miss Laurer's anatomy. She has an enormous clitoris, which has allegedly been enlarged by steroid use. The thing is actually three full inches long, and it has a piercing, which helps draw attention to it. In the end, the tape actually sold about 100,000 copies, and both Chyna Doll and her husband made a good amount of money on royalties.

After the release of the tape, Chyna Doll and Sean Waltman ended their relationship after she assaulted him, and apparently beat him up. She actually had to spend some time in jail for this assault, which happened in 2005. Since then, Chyna Doll has continued to find ways to keep herself in the limelight, with varying degrees of success.  She even starred in a movie. More recently, she has calmed down a bit, and has apparently become a devout Christian.



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