Cigars For Beginners

Cigars for beginners can be difficult to choose.  This important decision is so difficult because beginners don’t know what to look for whenever they are choosing a cigar.  With all of the different brands, wrappers, colors and sizes this can be overwhelming.  For this reason, here is a listing of the best cigars for you to get started with.

  1. Macanudo Cafe Portofino is a cigar that almost all cigar smokers love.  This particular line is mild, with a 34-ring gauge and sweet smelling smoke.  Its flavor will continue to evolve as you smoke it, which is something that most cigar smokers never anticipate happening.
  2. Romeo Y Julieta Vintage I Connecticut Lonsdale catch the eye of a lot of beginning smokers.  This is because it has a peculiar name.  At the same time, they also catch the eye of experienced smokers because they are great.  They have a mild Connecticut wrapper and premium long fillers that will please the sensitive taste buds of most beginners.
  3. Arturo Fuente Spanish Light Candela Lonsdale has almost everything that a beginner cigar smoker would like.  There is a light candela wrapper, a slim ring gauge, long fillers and an overall great makeup.  All of these things come together to create a smooth, mild smoke that are great for beginners.
  4. CAO Flavours Moontrace Cameroon Petite Corona Vanilla flavored cigars are delightful for any cigar smokers but especially for beginners.  This brand is well respected because of how well they flavor their cigars.  It is actually a very mild cigar that will please anyone who is interested in smoking a cigar.
  5. Montecristo #3 Connecticut Corona is a premium cigar that tends to cater to experienced cigar smokers.  However, this particular cigar is one of their more mild ones.  Beginners will love the smooth draw and rich flavor of this cigar.
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