Cinco De Mayo Cupcake Decorations

If you are planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, bake some delicious cupcakes and embellish them with Cinco de Mayo cupcake decorations! Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary of the May 5, 1862 Mexican victory after a battle against a well-armed French Army led by Napoleon III. Mexico celebrates their victory every fifth of May. With Cinco de Mayo approaching, it is time to have a party! 

In order to make Cinco de Mayo cupcake decorations:

  • Unfrosted cupcakes
  • White frosting
  • Green and red food coloring
  • Three bowls
  • Red and green sprinkles or candies
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue gun
  • Sheet of white, red and green felt
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  1. Prepare the frosting. Divide the white frosting among the three bowls. Add a couple drops of green food coloring to one bowl and red to another. Leave the frosting in the last bowl white.
  2. Stir and spread. Apply a generous layer of frosting to the cupcakes, alternating which color you use.
  3. Make little Mexican flags. Draw the flag shape about one and a half inches in width using the white felt. Cut it out. Cut red and green stripes for the sides of the flag. Glue together. Fold around the toothpick and glue. Leave part of the toothpick free to stand in the cupcake. Let dry. Draw a bird in the center of the flag using your markers.
  4. Add flag to cupcakes. Poke the flag into the cupcakes.
  5. Add sprinkles and candy. You can make your cupcakes more festive by decorating the cupcakes with sprinkles and candies.
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