Circle Of Death Drinking Game Rules

The “Circle of Death” drinking game rules are easy and require minimum items.  The origin and name of the game are unknown; however do not be afraid of the name of this drinking game.  It is a combination of many childhood games and your favorite liquor of choice.

You will need:

  • A group of your best friends
  • One deck of playing cards
  • Your favorite alcoholic beverage

“Circle of Death” begins by shuffling the cards and making a circle in the center of the table utilizing the cards. A friend is elected to start the first of “Circle of Death” and draws a card. Each card within the deck has a corresponding action that must be performed.

  • 2:  You pick someone to drink.
  • 3:  You drink.
  • 4:  Girls drink.
  • 5:  When this card is drawn, the player can put his thumb on the table at any time.  The last person to place their thumb on the table must take a drink.  Can be held on to and used at any time until the “Circle of Death” game ends.
  • 6:  All guys within the “Circle of Death” have to take a drink.
  • 7:  When drawn, this card is similar to the 5 card.  Instead a player must point to up heaven with their finger.  The last person to do so must take a drink.  Can be held on to and used at any time until the “Circle of Death” game ends.
  • 8:  Pick a friend within the “Circle of Death” to drink.
  • 9:  Player that draws this card must say a word.  The person to his or her left must say a word that rhymes with that word.  This continues until someone is stumped or says a word that does not rhyme.  The person that loses this round must take a drink.
  • 10:  Spin an object in the middle of the “Circle of Death.”  Whichever person it lands on has to drink.
  • Jack:  When a jack card is drawn in the “Circle of Death”, the individual must make a rule.  This rule stays in effect for the remainder of the game, unless another jack is drawn.
  • Queen:  Player who drew the queen must ask a question directed to the person on his or her left.  This is repeated until someone answers or is stumped.  The person that lost the round must take a drink.
  • King:  Player must say something they have never done. If anyone within the group has done that thing they must drink.
  • Ace: The ultimate “Circle of Death” card.  When this card is drawn, everyone else at the table must drink.

After your friends turn is up, the next player to his or her left is next. The winner is declared when there is only one man or woman left standing.  Enjoy and drink responsibly.

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