Classdef Gundam Mod Homeworld 2

Based on the popular Gundam series, the Classdef Gundam Mod for "Homeworld 2" is very popular among players of the game. Already set in space, the Gundam mod was a match made in heaven for "Homeworld 2" gamers. The mod features many iterations of the series, with everything from the original Gundam to Operation Stardust.

  1. Download the Gundam mod. The Classdef Gundam mod for "Homeworld 2" can be found on many popular modding and file hosting sites, such as File Planet. Like all player created mods, the Gundam mod is completely free to download and has many versions. It is always best to get the most up to date version of the mod, as it will include bug fixes and occasionally new characters or races. The file is larger than 100 megabytes, so it may take some time to download on some slower connections.
  2. Unzip the files. The Gundam mod comes in a .RAR file type, so the compressed files and folders will need to be unzipped. Depending on your version of the mod, you may have to install it in a different place, so always examine the "Read Me" to see the exact place to unzip the files to. By default, most versions of the mod require you to just unzip it in the game's main folder. 
  3. Start the mod. The mod cannot be booted from the regular game, so the "Homeworld 2" add-on comes with a .exe file to start the mod. If you have correctly unzipped the files, you can double-click the file to begin the Gundam mod for "Homeworld 2."



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