Clean Dirt Bike Exhaust

Learning how to clean dirt bike exhaust systems is essential if you happen to own dirt bikes. Cleaning them on a regular basis can help to keep your bike's exhaust looking brand new. The regular maintenance is also essential in ensuring that your dirt bike will still work once you decide to take it out for a ride. The exhausts on dirt bikes are known to collect a lot of dirt and dust so you may find yourself cleaning your exhaust system several times a week depending on how often you rid it. Here are a few steps that will help you learn how to clean your dirt bike exhaust.

To clean your dirt bike exhaust, you will need:

  • chrome cleaner
  • brush
  • chrome polish
  • rag
  1. If your exhaust is made up of chrome, use a chrome cleaner to start off the cleaning process. Leave it there for a few hours to set. Depending on how much dirt has built up it may take awhile to set. Once it has been there for at least five hours use your brush to scrub away the dirt and clean it thoroughly.
  2. Apply chrome polish to your dirt bike's exhaust once you have finished removing all of the dirt. Apply it to a rag and rub the rag on the exhaust using a circular motion to do so. 
  3. If your dirt bike's exhaust is not chrome you can use a metal cleaner to take away the dirt. You have to let the cleaner sit just like the chrome cleaner. Once the dirt has been removed you can polish off your exhaust with a metal polish and rag.

Taking care of your bike's exhaust and knowing how to clean a dirt bike exhaust is very important. These steps will ensure that your dirt bike and its exhaust are always kept at high standards.

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