Clean A Titanium Diving Knife

Learning how to properly clean a titanium diving knife may not be as tricky as you think, but the real problem for most people is learning how often to clean the knife. For most normal knives, creating a delicate balance between properly cleaning your knife and how often you do it is essential for extending the longevity and efficiency of your knife. However, titanium diving knives are significantly more resilient than regular diving knives, so the thing you'll need to focus on most is using the proper technique and cleaning solvents.

To clean a titanium diving knife, you will need:

  • Cleaning solvent
  • Cotton cloth
  • Cleaning oil
  1. Apply a cleaning solvent. God knows what you've stabbed your diving knife into, so regular water will not get the job done when you are trying to clean your knife. Apply a cleaning solvent to the blade and run it under some hot water. Depending on what you've used your knife for, it may take a couple of tries to remove most of the grime.
  2. Dry the blade. No, you may not air dry. To keep your knife looking as good as the day you bought it, you'll need to dry the wet knife with a cotton cloth. This will help prevent spotting and any excess cleaning solvent from being left on the blade.
  3. Bust out the oil. Apply some cleaning oil to the joints (where the blade meets the hilt) of the knife. This help keep the lining of your blade fresh and improve the longevity of your diving knife.
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