Clean Your Lacrosse Gloves

Learning how to clean your lacrosse gloves is something every player should know how to do since the sport is played outdoors on a field where dirt, grass and blood can be a daily occurrence. Lacrosse is a sport which has players hitting a small rubber ball back and forth with netted sticks on a field. In order to hold the sticks with better grip and no injury to the skin, lacrosse players wear gloves and since lacrosse is an outdoor sport, learning how to clean your lacrosse gloves is a necessity. When a sport is played outdoors with such vigor, the equipment such as the gloves can get hard to remove stains like grass and blood. A few simple steps can have those gloves as clean as the day they were purchased.

In order to clean your pair of lacrosse gloves, you will need:

  • Pre-treatment for stains
  • Detergent
  • Sink of warm water
  • Febreze
  1. Take a pre-treatment used for stains on clothes and spray any tough blood and dirt and grass stains. Use your fingers to work the pre-treatment into the stains and let it sit for a few hours. Lacrosse gloves can pick up hard to remove grass stains, blood spots or patches of mud not easily removed. This step eliminates all of these problem stains.
  2. Once the stains have been treated on the gloves, fill a sink with warm water and use a mild detergent to hand wash the gloves. Scrub the gloves between your hands, working the detergent into the entire glove and then rinse well with warm water.
  3. Once the gloves have been cleaned, lay them out in the sun to air dry. This will dry the gloves without fear of shrinkage which can happen when you put them in the dryer.
  4. Spray the gloves with an odor reducer such as Febreze. This will take away any lingering scent from the dirt and sweat that can accumulate in the material while playing a hard game.
  5. Using these steps to keep lacrosse gloves clean and sanitized will lengthen the life of the gloves and cut down on shopping for a new pair before every game.
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