Cleaning Games

Cleaning games can be played virtually online. While this might sound like a lame subject for a game, they can actually get quite interesting and challenging. You can also introduce these cleaning games to children to teach them that cleaning can be fun.

  1. “Cleaning Day at Alma Mater” With this cleaning game, you are actually playing the role of students who need to clean up the university. There are various rooms throughout the school to clean, including the library and lab; there are hidden objects which can score you even more points. The graphics in this game make it especially enjoyable.
  2. “Go Recycle” This cleaning game is actually about cleaning up the environment rather than a house. The setting is in a park and the character you play is a boy who must get the park cleaned up quickly. This is a great cleaning game to learn and then play with kids because it has such a positive message about recycling and protecting the natural world.
  3. “Lady Bunny’s House Clean” As lame as this game looks on the surface, it is a riot to play. Basically, you play Lady Bunny and you must control her to clean up the house as quickly as possible. The best part about this game is that it is played only with the mouse, which makes it much less complicated to learn.
  4. “Brilliant Brushers” This cleaning game is totally original and completely awesome. Basically, you play a little man who is armed with a toothbrush and cleans  stains and gunk off enormous teeth that just ate food. It’s a timed game, so watch out. You have to get those teeth cleaned fast.  
  5. “Crazy Job” In this cleaning game you are in a bit of an unusual setting. Instead of cleaning a house or a school or even teeth, you will be washing windows. You can see other people moving around inside the windows and if they open one while you’re outside it, you will fall to your death and lose the game. Cleaning games don’t get better.
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