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Most computer owners know about the importance of occasionally clearing their browser cache, but they may not know that it is almost as important that they clear their Flash cache. As anybody can see from even the most casual Internet surfing, Flash is used everywhere, from Facebook to embedded video sites to the ads that pop up on every other site. If you spend a lot of time browsing the Web, chances are that your Flash cache has gotten pretty full, and simply deleting your Internet browsing history and cookies isn't enough if you want to rid your computer of every trace of your browsing history. Clearing a computer's Flash cache used to be a relatively complicated process, but the Flash developers at Adobe have made it a much simpler process.

  1. Clear your Flash Cache at Adobe's Website. To start, simply go to Adobe's website either at or (either one will work). Head to "My support," which can be found at the top-right corner of the browser window and select Adobe Flash on the next screen. This will bring you to the Flash player help and support page. From here, follow the "Flash Player Settings and Help" link to get where you need to go.
  2. You are now at the Flash Player Help Page. Now that you're here, click on the "Website Storage Settings" panel. This is where you can revisit past sites (if you so choose) and clear your Flash cache. To clear your cache, simply click the "Delete All Sites" button to clear your cache. You can also delete individual sites if you wish, but clearing your entire Flash cache is the most beneficial thing to do from here.

As you can see, clearing your Flash cache is really a simple process. Granted, it still requires a visit to a website, but it's still far easier to clear your browser information than it has been in the past.  As always, it's a good idea to clear all of this information for optimal computer performance.

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