Cliff Diving Accidents In America

While the exact numbers of cliff diving accidents and deaths in America are hard to come by, it is obvious that cliff diving is dangerous. Reports come out year after year about a new cliff diving death. Below is a short list of fatal cliff diving accidents in America. 

  1. Dean Berhow Jr. Dean Berhow Jr. was a young daredevil who plunged to his death at Lake Mohave in a August, 2010 cliff diving accident. Dean was cliff diving off of a 30 foot cliff. His friend followed him off the cliff and landed on top of him. 
  2. Kurtis McKinstry. This 23 year old Colchester, Vermont resident jumped off of a 50 foot cliff on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain in 2007. Kurtis was with nine of his friends when he plunged into the lake. He did not resurface until his friends found him nineteen feet under the lake's surface. Kurtis was in a state of cardiac arrest and later died after spending 35 minutes under water. 
  3. Sean A. White. Sean White of Prescott, Arizona jumped from a height of 90 feet into the Arizona side of Lake Mead in 2008. He was found dead after the cliff diving accident during which he hit the water's surface from a bad angle. 
  4. Jonathan Garcilaso. The body of this 29 year old Union, Missouri resident was found in 5 feet of water in the summer of 2010. Jonathan apparently struck his head during a cliff diving accident along the Meramec River at a point called "The Big Eddy". 

Not all cliff diving accidents in America result in death. This is just a short list of fatal accidents. Keep in mind, however, that many cliff divers do become handicapped for life regardless of how deep the water is. 

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