Cliff Diving Equipment

Cliff diving equipment is very minimal. Technically, all you need to cliff dive is yourself. However, there are some equipment that you should bring to make sure the cliff diving experience is safe for everyone. Also, in addition to equipment, you should also bring along friends. If something were to go wrong, you’d want people there to help you.

  1. Chain A chain is used to lower into the water to make sure the depth is safe for cliff diving. Ideally, you want a depth of 75 to 90 feet. You should also swim through the water to make sure there are no sharp rocks or other debris.
  2. First aid kit A first aid kit should be brought along while cliff diving in case of a minor accident. For example, if you hit some debris when diving into the water, you could have a nasty cut. Your first aid kit should contain essentials like bandages, antiseptic, gauze, adhesive cloth tape and scissors.
  3. Cell phone When cliff diving, a serious accident can occur, such as hitting a rock on the way down into the water. If this should occur, your friends that are with you will need to be able to call for help. Bring a fully charged cell phone that generally receives good reception.
  4. Water In case there is an accident, you might be waiting for an ambulance for some time. Also, the hike up to the cliff might be long. Water will help keep you and your friends hydrated.
  5. Hiking boots Again, the cliff might take some hiking to get there. When this is the case, you need to dress appropriately. You might dive into the water in bare feet, but that won’t cut it when hiking up a cliff.
  6. Camera Assuming everything goes well and there are no accidents or injuries while cliff diving, you’ll want to capture the moment. Bring a camera along with you, so one of your friends can get a shot of your amazing dive.
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