Cliff Diving Teaching Tips

Teaching some to cliff dive can be very dangerous and should only be done by an expert, but, if you feel confident in your cliff diving skills, make sure to include these cliff diving teaching tips in your instructions. These can help avoid injury and make practicing the extreme sport at least somewhat safer.

  1. Do not hesitate. The worst thing you can do when cliff diving is panic. Trying to stop before jumping and slipping off the edge will almost certainly end in death, so if you are feeling extremely hesitant to do not attempt the jump. It's normal to feel some nervousness and anxiety, but if you're telling yourself to go ahead and jump because you are already in position then stop immediately.
  2. Perform a pencil dive. If you do have the guts to jump off the cliff, then teach the new diver to jump off the cliff like a pencil. Jump off the cliff with your first squarely beneath you and your arms tucked to your side to do a pencil dive. This tip will help limit your point of contact with the water and decrease your chance of injury. NEVER dive headfirst off a cliff. This can cause significant neck and spinal injury.
  3. Remove any excess clothing. Even the most experienced back-flipping cliff divers know to only wear a bathing suit when cliff diving. Shoes or sandals will almost certainly come up during your contact with the water. This teaching tip will keep you and your pride from being embarrassed. You're just going to have to trust me on this one.
  4. Jump at a proper cliff diving location. There are hundreds of cliff diving locations across the world, so only jump at those that have been verified safe. You can never truly know how shallow the water is until you've already done it, so don't just go jumping off any cliffs that water is below.
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