Climbing Quick Draw Set: 5 Best

Looking for climbing quick draw sets and the 5 best available? Climbing quickdraw sets are essential for indoor and outdoor belaying. When shopping for a quickdraw set, you want the runner to be strong and you also what to make sure it is not going to twist or get caught in your rope. Check out these best climbing quickdraw sets.

  1. Black Diamond Quickwire Quickdraw Set. This quickdraw set for climbing comes with a slim 10mm Dynex runner. This quickdraw climbing set is light and strong. The carabiners are linked by a lithe dogbone runner, which is stronger and more durable than a nylon runner. This quickdraw set is perfect for all types of climbing. It is water-resistant and freeze-resistant.
  2. Black Diamond FreeWire Quickdraw Set. This 12cm nylon runner connects two wiregate carabiners. The runner is made from a special webbed nylon and is strong and sturdy. The D-shaped carabiners are perfect for holding thick rope when you are lead climbing. These carabiners stay in place like they are supposed to and are a great value.
  3. Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw Set. If you have a lot of gear, the Spirit Express is the best quickdraw climbing set for you. This quickdraw set gives you easy handling for bolt clipping and protects you from an accidental back-clip. This quickdraw set is compatible with both straight and bent carabiners.
  4. Mad Rock Ultralight Wire Quickdraw Set. This 10cm quickdraw set is extremely lightweight and features a Dyneema dogbone runner with a rubber insert to hold the carabiner in place. This quickdraw set combines a straight upper gate clip and a lower bent gate carabiner.
  5. Mammut Express Set Moses Quickdraw Set. The Mammut Express set is so light, it seems like the carabiners are more like plastic key chains. This quickdraw set is actually very durable and functions very well for traditional climbing on especially difficult sequences. You can use this quickdraw climbing set for Alpine climbing or granite rock.



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