Clitoris Arousal

Want to learn the art of clitoris arousal? The clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve fibers and is the only human organ that exists solely for pleasure. To find the clitoris, look for a round mound of pink flesh that is directly above the vaginal opening. The tip of the clitoris is the area you will want to focus on for clitoris arousal. There is a small flap of flesh known as the clitoral hood that protects the extremely sensitive skin of the clitoral tip. Oddly enough, the clitoris works basically like your penis. When the clitoris becomes aroused it fills with blood. Sound familiar? As the clitoris fills with blood, it increases in size. While this might not be as noticeable as when a penis goes through this process, it’s still the same basic function. Women can even suffer from something similar to “blue balls” if they do not reach orgasm. The best way to understand clitoral function is to get up close and personal with the clitoris with these techniques.

  1. Side to side lick. The side of the clitoris is a favorite sport for most women. Gently lick each side of the clitoral hood in an alternating pattern.
  2. Direct lick. With your fingers, gently pull back the clitoral hood and directly lick the tip. Do this in slow teasing licks and you can alternate your pattern.
  3. Suction. After the clitoris becomes aroused, gently suck on it. You can focus on just the tip or the whole area.
  4. Circle. Rub your fingers in a circular motion over her clitoris. Vary in speed, circle size and pressure. You can also widen the circle so you are touching other areas.
  5. Up and downfinger. Use your fingers in an up and down motion over her clitoris. Vary in speed, movement size and pressure. You can also widen the movement so you are touching other areas.
  6. Thumbs up. You’ll get great results with this technique. Insert two fingers into your partner and stimulate her clitoris with your thumb while your other fingers work their magic.
  7. Teamwork. Get her more involved with this technique. Ask your partner to masturbate by using her fingers or a toy. While she does this, arouse her clitoris with either the up and down or circling techniques.
  8. Palm press. This is a very intense technique. Get into position by lying next to your partner and laying the palm of your hand directly above the clitoris. Use the entire palm to stimulate the clitoris.
  9. Combination. In this technique you combine oral and massaging arousal methods. This is another favorite of many women. You can vary the different methods to find a combination your partner prefers.
  10. Clitoris arousal during sex. After you have learned what kind of pressures your partner likes, you can start using toys to stimulate her clitoris. There are many toys you can use during sex. You can also use your fingers for clitoris arousal during sex.
  11. Have fun. Remember, the key to a pleasurable sexual act is great communication with your partner.
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