Clogged Ear Remedy

People all over the world have different clogged ear remedy. No matter where the solutions come from, if it is safe and works the world is interested. Clogged ears can be caused by ear wax, allergies, the flu, sinus congestion or ear infections. Cases range from a mild irritation to severe congestion. The inability to hear can be frightening and dangerous and each individual should take every precaution to protect their hearing; working around noise without protection damages the ears, so take care.

You will need:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Sweet oil
  • Onion oil
  • Vaporizer
  1. Hydrogen peroxide and water is the leading clogged ear remedy for cleaning clogged ears. This solution is tried by a large group of people and for many, it works. Place a few drops in the ears and let it work of about five to ten minutes, then allow it to drain.
  2. Ibuprofen can be used as anti inflammatory to bring the inflammation down and allow the ear area and the sinuses to drain. This remedy is usually done with a good night's sleep, hopefully out of the weather.
  3. Blowing on the nose with the nostrils closed releases pressure off the ear area once it pops. This must be done gently and must be repeated occasionally. This is not a favorite but it is a remedy that works for some.
  4. Onion oil. Place a few drops of onion juice in your ear. The juice of the onion is very strong and no doubt will begin to give weary ears some relief. If ears are not clogged for too long a time home remedies will have a positive effect.
  5. Yawning. In high altitudes, yawn and they unclog. Widening the mouth naturally changes the air flow and helps the ears to pop. This is a remedy children use for fun to get their ears to pop.
  6. Ear vacuuming. See a specialist and have your ears flushed. This washes ear wax and debris out of your ears. Seeing a specialist can calm fears and clear ear problems with stronger medications if needed. If there are underlying hearing problems, they can be addressed by a qualified physician.
  7. Steam the face and ears. This is a good way to relieve sinuses of excess mucus. In return, it takes pressure off the ears giving them a chance to drain, considering many ear clogging problems are caused by colds and allergies. If there is access to a hot tub or a steam room this would be great for the ear clogs.
  8. Warm oil. Place warm oil in the ears, then place a warm heating pad over the ear. This should take pressure off the ear and release any coldness in the throat helping the ears to feel better. The drainage pressure off the Eustachian tube should cause a more comfortable feeling.
  9. Warm bath. This is always soothing for most aches and pains. People pay hundreds of dollars to visit natural hot springs where the water is filled with minerals and stays at a certain temperature all year. For many, a hot bath at home is what is available, so soak the part of the head that stops at the ears and let the warm water melt away ear clogs.
  10. Hot drink. Great for the ears and surrounding areas, heat is a factor in clearing the clogged ear problem. Most ear treatments are centered on warmth; Hot lemon tea or hot ginger ale makes a cold and stuffy head feel better.

Drinking enough water keeps mucus draining out, helping to unclog the ears. Cold and sinus medicines help a great deal along with steam, but never ignore the fact that sometimes, seeing a doctor is necessary. Rather than go to extremes, or risk endangering your hearing or health, see a trained professional.

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