Clothed Female Nude Male

The “clothed female, nude male” fetish is new to many people, but movies have been featuring such scenes for decades. Like many sexual quirks, this one was so obscure it didn’t even have a name until the internet came along. There are now several websites about the concept of fully clothed women consorting with naked men, sometimes abbreviated as CFNM. A few films have employed the idea to illustrate art, society, or sex, or sometimes just for comic effect.

  1. “On Any Given Sunday.” For decades, athletes have dealt with female sports reporters in male locker rooms. In this 1999 film, the woman in the locker room is tough team owner Cameron Diaz, who has a close encounter with several half-clad football players. Unabashed, she offers her hand…which a naked player wisely shakes.
  2. “Artemesia.” During the Renaissance, when women were often models but rarely artists, Artemesia Gentileschi reversed the trend, as seen in this 1997 French drama. Her friend Yann Trégouët is surprised when she asks him to disrobe. He thinks they’re making love, but she just needs a model, and he’s positively shocked when she unflinchingly takes him in hand to correct his pose.

  3. “WR: Mysteries of the Organism.” This experimental European film from 1971 explored sex as only experimental European films can. Based on the philosophies of controversial sexologist Wilhelm Reich, the “WR” of the title, the movie was really a chance for the Love Generation to break previous boundaries on sex in film. In one scene, a fully clothed woman stripped a docile man, then helped him to masturbate.

  4. “A Fish Called Wanda.” Comedian Paul Provenza once said, “There’s nothing funnier than a naked man.” Monty Python members have proved that more than once, and John Cleese’s turn came in this 1988 Oscar winner. Seduced by con woman Jamie Lee Curtis, Cleese romantically strips down to his socks and garters in their sub-leased love-nest-right as the property’s owners stop by unannounced.

  5. “American Pie: The Naked Mile.” Any list about sex in film is going to get around to the “American Pie” series sooner or later. This edition, the fifth in the series, involved a group run in the buff for a college initiation. All of the “American Pie” movies played on the comedy potential of the naked male in the presence of clothed females, but “Naked Mile” took the premise to the stratosphere.

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