Cloudy Urine Causes

The cause of cloudy urine may worry you. No one wants to think that there may be something wrong. A trip to the doctor is stressful and expensive. While the problem can be something simple, there is no way to tell unless you actually go to the doctor and he runs tests to check your urine. Until you are able to get to the doctor you will be wondering what the possible causes could be and that is where we come in. Here are some reasons your urine may be cloudy.

  1. Diet If you have a change in your diet, this could cause a chemical inbalance in your body and cloud your urine. The change in diet would make your body's PH balance out of wack.
  2. Blood If your urine it cloudy and tinted with a brownish color, there may be blood in your urine. If there is blood in your urine, you need to seek immediate help.
  3. UTI (Uraniary Tract Infection) If this is the case, you will probably also feel burning or pain while urinating. Cranberry juice is a known aid to cure UTIs.
  4. Bladder infection Much like a UTI, you would also experience frequent urination. Also like a UTI, cranberry juice can be very helpful with a kidney infection. 
  5. Kidney Stones If you have ever had kidney stones, the pain you experience will likely lead you to the doctor much faster than the cloudy urine. Many women who have had kidney stones have compared it to the pain of childbirth.
  6. Gonorrhea You will most likely notice a discharge from your penis. It is not nesciallairy painful. It is a very treatable sexually transmitted disease.
  7. Ejaculate Mixed with Urine Sometimes some semen is left in the urinary tract and when you urinate the two mix and  comes out cloudy. You could experience this soon after sex.

These are just some possibilities of cloudy urine. You will not know for sure unless you go to your doctor to find out. It is advised to make the appointment as soon as possible before ihe problem becomes something much worse.

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