Cocaine Drug Testing

Cocaine drug testing is a common requirement for pre-employment screening and medical examination. The procedure for cocaine drug testing is used to detect the amount of cocaine present in the body system and there are varieties of ways in which the drug test is taken.

  1. Cocaine remains in the body system for at least two to four days after consumption. It is dependent on varieties of factors such as the amount of cocaine consumed, the frequency of consumption, metabolism rate, and the person’s age, sex, tolerance limit and general health condition of the person being tested. The presence of urine within this period makes cocaine highly detectable from a urine drug test.
  2. Cocaine in the body is actually metabolized quickly, leaving its metabolite residue in the form of benzoylecgonine. It is this substance that cocaine drug testing is able to measure among chronic and high dose cocaine users. It generally takes three to five days for benzoylecgonine to be cleared from the urine, but studies show that it may take as long as 22 days before it clears from the urine among heavy cocaine users,
  3. Cocaine drug testing is also taken using hair samples. The hair samples are usually taken from the scalp in order to detect traces of cocaine in the body. The ideal site where the sample is taken is from the posterior vertex region of the scalp, which is an excellent location because the hair in this area is in its active growing phase and will likely exhibit the presence of the drug. The samples are taken for segmental analysis which is a test that correlates the time of ingestion and the location of the drug found on the hair shaft.
  4. Cocaine drug testing can also be performed via a saliva drug test. The saliva swab drug test is very easy and convenient to do where the saliva sample is taken from the mouth using a swab and is taken for drug analysis screening. However, although it is the most convenient method of cocaine drug testing the procedure can only detect cocaine within a day from the time of cocaine consumption. Faking the sample of a saliva drug test is difficult since it can be taken under strict supervision and control of the examining officer, but its downside is its short drug detection time.
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