Coffee County Schools

The Coffee County School District serves the Coffee County community. Public and limited private education is available in the area for students from pre-school through twelfth grade. That's a good thing because school is a great way to get your kids out of the house and into the world (or at least the local community), don't you think?

  1. Coffee Pre-K Academy You can't drop off your kids at Coffee County's Pre-K Academy without first registering them. The Academy's mission is to introduce students to the world of learning in a loving, nurturing and fun environment. The Pre-K center has a full teaching and administrative staff, as well as a handicapped coordinator for differently abled students. 
  2. Ambrose Elementary Ambrose Elementary is one of eight elementary schools in Coffee County, Georgia. A staff of 50+ at Ambrose Elementary serves more than 400 kindergarten through fifth grade students. Ambrose Elementary is one of the few schools in Coffee County not located in Douglas, Georgia, and has been a Georgia Title I Distinguished School for eight consecutive years.
  3. Coffee Middle School The Coffee County School District has only one public middle school, the very creatively named Coffee Middle School. Can't you just see the early adolescent crowd all hyped up on coffee that flows from water fountains? Coffee County Middle School houses all district students from grades six through eight and uses standards-based instruction to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Located in Douglas, Georgia, the middle school's mission is building relationships, integrity, dedication, growth and excellence—otherwise known as BRIDGE. Everyone knows schools love acronyms.
  4. Coffee County High School Coffee County High School is divided into a smaller freshman campus—the GWC Freshman Campus—and a main high school Coffee both located in Douglas, Georgia. All ninth graders attend the freshman campus, known as George Washington Carver Freshman Campus. What a mouthful! The school aims to challenge each student with opportunities to achieve success through an excellent curriculum. Students grades tenth through twelfth are allowed to intermingle. Far from more exagerated goals for mere high schoolers, Coffee County High School staff's main ambition is to ensure students graduate and make a positive impact on their community and society.
  5. Citizens Christian Academy Citizens Christian Academy is one of the few private school options in Coffee County. It is a non-sectarian (what a relief) religious school located on Highway 158 serving pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students at their school on Highway 158. The school is a member of the Georgia Accreditation Comission as well as the Georgia Independent School Association. The only other private school option in the area is pre-kindergarten through 7th grade at nearby Eastside Christian Academy.



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