Coitus Definition

A coitus definition is sometimes required in this digital age where generations are learning about the Fun Factory Lavaspot Vibrator before ever getting a crush, first kiss or making that long trek across the floor to ask a girl to dance. Succinctly phrased, coitus means to copulate with a member of the opposite sex. And yes, copulate means to sink the pink.

The word. Coitus is a Latin term based off of co?re which means ‘to meet’ or ‘uniting’. The basic definition is the sexual union between a male and a female where the male inserts his penis into the female’s vagina and ejaculates his genetic load.

Function. Coitus is not only something males relentlessly think about after seventh grade, it also serves a great purpose. The definition of this great purpose is procreation. Yes indeed, unprotected sex may result in pregnancy because we evolved this way. A few moments of pleasure can equal eighteen years of pain.

Why. The role and definition of coitus in society seems fairly obvious. No coitus, no next generation. But some animals like dolphins and humans seem to actually enjoy the act and will indulge themselves even when the fertility cycle of the female is not ready for procreation. Why? This is where the definition splits off into culture and society. Some find it morally wrong that people screw for pleasure. They believe the definition of coitus is only to procreate. Others believe coitus serves a stronger social purpose that links us closer as a species. It is believed these stronger social bonds allow us to achieve more in society through cooperation.

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