Collar Bone Tattoos For Guys

Collar bone tattoos for guys are one of the most painful ink jobs to endure, but the pain is worth it. The lack of meaty flesh and fat between the collar bone and epidermis is the reason why this area of the body is more sensitive to tattoo. When it comes to collar bone tattoos—no pain, no gain. If you are considering a collar bone tattoo for your next ink job, consider some of the following ideas.

  1. Phrases. Phrases are the most popular type of collar bone tattoos for guys. Many times, the phrases are inspirational. For example, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional,” “Let your joy scream across the pain” or “Live today as if you’ll die tomorrow.”  
  2. Tribal Patterns. Known to be some of the manliest tattoos types, tribal patterns on collar bones are often an extension of a tattoo that runs down the arm or across the chest. Tribal tattoos on the front of the chest are often V-shaped, start at the top of the sternum and extend across the collar bone.
  3. Celtic Knots. Celtic knots chained together create collar bone tattoos for guys are simple, yet make a big impact. Celtic knot tattoo patterns include the Trinity symbol, Celtic spirals inspired by the druids, Celtic mazes that are often seen on carvings, and shapes and designs that incorporate the Celtic tree of life.
  4. Birds. A pair of sparrows facing each other on either collar bone are tattoos that can look elegant, yet not too feminine. If sparrows are too soft for a guy’s macho personality, he can consider getting a collar bone tattoo of crows, which are usually grouped together in odd numbers on one or both collar bones.
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