College Bucket List

Every university student needs to make a college bucket list of amazing school experiences to fulfill. College is full of important rites of passage, and this list can help you complete some of the most momentous events of your college career. Read the list below, and go start making some memories.

  1. Have sex on campus. Sneak out with a hot girl at night to complete this college bucket list item. Find a hidden area of campus where the two of you can make some magic happen. Avoid getting caught though, and stay clear of campus rooftops.
  2. Study abroad for a year. Some of the greatest stories you’ll ever tell involve time spent off campus. For this college bucket list idea, go spend a year in a foreign country and take in the culture, history, and of course, the local girls.
  3. Go streaking. For the more adventuresome, this is a great college bucket list idea. Make sure to do it around campus with a group. If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious, start by running through campus in your underwear. If you can get girls to join in on the streaking, then you’re a rock star. 
  4. Perform a kegstand. You should really participate in several kegstands before you graduate. Do it in front of a huge party and cheer on your fellow friends.
  5. Take a road trip. Every guy needs to go on a road trip with his friends at least one time during college. Travel cross country with your friends over the summer as part of your college bucket list. Stop at random towns, and don’t stay in one spot for too long.
  6. Have a wild spring break. Spring break is the ultimate coming-of-age event for young college students. Plan a trip with your buddies to Cancun or some other beach spot in the States. Get ready for a lot of drinking and scantily clad women. 
  7. Date a professor. This is a very common male fantasy and one that you can fulfill during college. Hit on a hot professor if she seems more approachable. Teaching assistants are an even better bet for your college bucket list, since they’ll be closer to your age and a lot more willing fool around.
  8. Graduate from college. Your awesome college bucket list is not fully complete until you’ve made your college experience official and you’ve earned your degree. Otherwise, your wild party stories will just sound a bit sad. 
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