College Dorm Checklist

If you’re going to be a freshman in college this year, you need to think about making a college dorm checklist. Without a checklist there are many essentials you might accidently forget to bring. Before you begin packing, compose your dorm checklist so you don’t end up buying expensive replacements at the college bookstore.

  1. Storage Containers. You’ll want to keep several storage containers on your college dorm checklist. Dorm rooms have very limited storage space and you’ll be glad to have a few plastic storage containers to store clothes and personal items in under your bed.
  2. Water pitcher with filter. Save yourself a fortune on bottled water by buying a water pitcher with a built-in filter. Your dorm room won’t have a kitchen and drinking unfiltered water from the bathroom tap is gross. Whether you’re headed to the gym or going to class, you’ll need some good tasting water to stay refreshed.
  3. Ethernet cord. If you’re packing your computer, don’t forget to add an Ethernet cord to your dorm room checklist. Your college bookstore will probably sell them to the unlucky souls who forgot theirs at a huge markup. Put two on your list and make a new friend when you give one away.
  4. Flip flops. Your fellow classmates might not be as clean as you think. Avoid catching athlete’s foot by always wearing flip flops in the shower and common areas.
  5. Extra long sheets. Many colleges have twin extra long beds. Make sure to add twin extra long sheets to your dorm room checklist. Getting to school without sheets is a bummer because your bed functions as a sleeping space, guest area and study lounge all in one.
  6. Posters and photos. Your first home away from home won’t feel like home if you don’t have a few personal touches in your dorm room. Add posters and photos to your college dorm room checklist so you have a few touches of home in your new living space.
  7. Rack raisers. College dorm rooms are tiny. To make additional space for storing your belongings, you’ll want to bring a set of rack raisers. Rack raisers are like stilts for your bed that raise your bed frame four to six inches off the floor.
  8. Mattress Pad. You will definitely want to have a mattress pad on your dorm room checklist. Lord knows what kind of debauchery happened on your bed before you inherited it. Make sure to give yourself a little piece of mind by putting a thick mattress pad or egg crate foam mattress on your dorm room checklist.
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