College Drinking Games: 5 Best

The following list of the five best college drinking games can help you make drinking more fun with your friends, or simply spice up the action at your next party.


  1. Flip Cup. Topping the list of the five best college drinking games is flip cup, commonly referred to by the college crown as “flippy cup.” The purpose of this game is for one team to get all their cups flipped before the other teams do in order to win. Using a rectangular table, teams stand across from each other with each person having a cup filled approximately halfway with beer. The first players drink their cup and then position the cup on the edge of the table with the bottom hanging off. They have to tap the bottom of the cup and get it to flip over, landing on its top. After they have achieved this, the next person goes and the process continues until the last person goes and reaches success. This is a must-play for loads of fun.
  2. Beer Pong. Coming in a close second on the list of the five best college drinking games is everyone’s favorite, beer pong. This is a classic game that has been around for ages and a quick way to consume vast amounts of beer in a short amount of time. Two people try to be the first to sink all of the other person’s cups. To do this, players alternates throwing or bouncing ping-pong balls into the opposing cups (the cups are filled with beer). Landing a ball in an opposing cup means the person on the other team drinks the content of the cup. This game is intense, thrilling, and fun.
  3. Circle of Death. Circle of Death is a popular college drinking game that provides variety. All that is needed to play is a deck of cards and the drink of your choice. All of the cards are laid face down in a circle with a cup in the middle. Each card represents something different that has to be done if drawn. The first three to draw kings get to pour as much beer as they want into the cup in the middle. The person who draws the fourth king has to drink the cup. The game is played until all four kings are gone.
  4. Quarters. Similar to beer pong, quarters is another on the list of the five best college drinking games. This is also a popular drinking game found within the college scene. Shot glasses or cups of similar size are best to use when playing quarters. The cups should be filled with shot-size servings. The objective of the game: to bounce a quarter off the table and into the cup. If you make it, the other person drinks the cup and you keep shooting. If you miss, it becomes the next person’s turn. The game continues until all of the cups are emptied.
  5. Never Have I Ever. Last on the list of the five best college drinking games is the well-known Never Have I Ever. This is not only a fun-filled game, but also a chance to learn a lot about the people you are playing with. The rules are simple. Everyone either sits in a circle or disperses themselves around the room. To begin, someone starts by saying “Never have I ever” and adds something that they have never done. If anyone playing has done this, then those people have to take a drink. If you have not done it, you do not drink. You can continue playing for as long as you want, or until you are all out of drinks.



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